Tradition / the art handed down

The company bears the name of its founder Mr. Cornelio Cappellini, the honorary president, who passed the management of the society to his son Franco and Claudio and his daughter Lucia.

The deepest genesis of the enterprise is even more ancient as it goes back to Mr. Cornelio’s grandfather, who was an ebonist. A tradition was interrupted for one generation, when is son Claudio, father of Cornelio, chose to work as a shoemaker. This was only a parenthesis of the dynasty, but also a predication of the more artistic potential of the family that would have reached its fullest expression through the nephew carryng the same name.

Since the middle of last century Cornelio Cappellini specialized in the furniture production adopting engineering methods and fishing techniques belonging to the Italian furniture industry handed down from generation to generation.

A path of tradition combined to innovation that brought to a passionate committent to quality, a significant mixture that is keeping on the research of excellence still nowadays.

At the beginning of the new millennium the company realized the great development in the market’s demand along with changes in lifestyle and moved towards a new collection named “Cornelio Cappellini luxury chic“. The new products were designed with a strong glamour accent emphasized through an increasing use of crystals, precious metals, beautiful fabrics and leathers.
Only at the beginning of 2010 Cornelio Cappellini presented the new luxury furniture collection under the mane “haute couture of interiors“. Lacquer painting with pearly colours and the ever increasing use of Murano glass found its best performance, while precious coverings anticipated the new Italian fashion collections.
The very high customization level of the construction, finish and upholstery makes each item a unique piece.

Design Concept / unusual materials, creativity

Mr. Claudio Cappellini has always demostrated an artistic talent for design and painting. He attended two different schools of art which contributed to his professional success.

After the school he started working in the family company learning the different furniture manufacturing techniques. Every day he spends most of his time testing innovative finishing and covering materials aimed to create new shapes and products.

A great devotion for a continuous work in testing new technologies that assure a constant increase to his rich experience, wich reflects its superb effect when new articles are designed and manufactured.

Under his guide our group of expert carriers out an accurate and careful job to test shape, finishing techniques and covering materials, which is necessary to create new and fashionable products. An artistic work development with great devotion and no limits of time, with the collaboration of skilled craftsmen.

The aim of the society is keeping on being a leading company in the design world to anticipate fashions and times, always ready to suggest a timeless lifestyle, while decorating the most beautiful estates around the world.

The highest expression of Cornelio Cappellini design concept is the combination of traditional cabinet-making with unusual materials and advanced technologies which originates a unique aesthetics.

Our collections are created by a young and talent design team under the direct supervision of Mr. Claudio Cappellini and based on research often made around the world all year long.

The aim of this study is comparing international trends to the potential Italian manufacturing process. Where a new idea is born our research center is ready to develop it and launch it on the market.

Made in Italy / creativity, fashion, lifestyle

new headquarter cornelio cappellini

Cornelio Cappellini is located in the heart of Brianza, the oldest center of furniture manufacturing that leads a position of excellence in the world.

All Cornelio Cappellini collections are made in Italy from the design till the finished and ready to sale product.

In Italy there are long-established furniture making traditions and Cornelio Cappellini is located in the heart of Brianza, the oldest center of furniture manufacturing that leads a position of excellence in the world.

A large demand of our artworks makes us believe in our growing production capacity, which taught us to be “foreward thinking” in our mission.

We are strongly convinced in the Made in Italy philosophy and our country is recognized all over the world as the leader in terms of furniture creativity, fashion and lifestyle in general.